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Hang loose


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He obviously adores her

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Poke to start ✨💜

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Nike Flyknit Racer Summer 2014 Releases


Keone and Mari Madrid - Adorn

Reaction: Ugh, so many feels I can’t stop.

Alright, there is just so much detail. The approach, chemistry(being married Nd truly living what they do). Its so beautiful, I feel like every four counts each move needs to be broken down, why, what were they feeling. Thoughts, ugh its moving art. So much going on. Is this what its like to feel. “I want to start crying.” I’m a little over exaggerating. I dont care. Haha.

They just made adorn so a hit again for me now. Yes !!*

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22b killen em.

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Jetty Leading to the Ocean - Maldives | by: (Sakis Papadopoulos)

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